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Blizzard Says Overwatch Match Quality Has Improved, Players Disagree




It's no secret that Overwatch 2's matchmaking has left a lot to be desired. Blizzard seems to have struggled to strike a balance between bringing down queue times, while also keeping matches balanced and fair. However, the devs now seem confident that they've got the Game in the best state it's been in since launch - even if not everyone is in agreement.

In a recent blog post, Blizzard says that "average match quality has also risen across the board," thanks to recent changes to matchmaking. Fans, however, strongly disagree with this assertion. Instead, players are saying that Blizzard is "out of touch", with there being "no point" in playing competitive right now.

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"In Ranked, queue times have dropped, and for high-skill matches, they’ve dropped significantly," reads the blog post, courtesy of game director Aaron Keller. "Average match quality has also risen across the board...matches with longer queue times are typically of a higher quality now than they were previously."

However, as we can see over on r/Overwatch, many fans aren't buying it.

"The Games are technically more balanced but the match quality is definitely shit," says Reddit user Frany14. "I'm Top 100 on tank and I played a Game in a Master lobby with a Plat 3 dps on both teams. There is no point playing rank with matches like this."

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Many others agree. "I tried to play OW2 for a few months but the Game's quality is terrible," says why_people_do_this. "Playing since 2016 but I haven't played OW2 in a month and I don't miss it..."

While many do agree with another point made in the blog post, regarding Heroes being the most balanced they've been in some time, that isn't enough to mitigate frustrations with Overwatch 2's matchmaking.

Admittedly, Keller does go on to address these concerns, making it clear that Blizzard is aware of the issues with unfair team matchups.

"The issue that we’re hearing most from our players is encountering people from vastly different skill levels in their Ranked games," says Keller. He goes on to say that the team has "additional changes planned for the midseason patch," so we'll have to wait until then for any improvements.

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