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Seth Rogen Says Donkey Kong Rap Is "One Of The Worst Rap Songs Of All Time"




The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits cinemas next week and will be absolutely loaded with details and easter eggs from Nintendo's past. That includes the iconic DK Rap, a song synonymous with Donkey Kong that Seth Rogen has labeled “one of the worst rap songs of all time”.

Before you spring to the defense of Grant Kirkhope, the man responsible for the DK Rap, you don't need to. Not only is Kirkhope over the moon to hear his song in a Mario movie 26 years after writing it, but he agrees with Rogen. “If you’d told me in ‘97, when I wrote the worst rap track in the History of rap tracks, that it would go on to be in a Mario Bros movie I would’ve burst with excitement,” Kirkhope tweeted.

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While watching Donkey Kong 64's opening titles, Rogen confirms the song will play when you first see his character in the movie. Presumably when he emerges to beat up Mario. Despite labeling it the worst rap song ever, Rogen is clearly pretty entertained, particularly when Lanky Kong inflates and then propels himself into the air through his flatulence.

In case you're still not convinced Kirkhope really thinks the DK Rap is “objectively bad” and is just agreeing with the well-known actor who will play Donkey Kong on the big screen, this isn't the first time he's admitted his timeless classic is bad. Kirkhope jokingly apologized for the song in 2021 when he did a deep dive into how it was created to celebrate 40 years of Donkey Kong.

As for the monkey's big screen gig, Rogen revealed earlier this week that yes, the voice he has used for the character is simply his own. Rogen told those casting the movie that he doesn't do voices. Thankfully, Rogen doesn't sound too dissimilar to DK anyway, and what we've heard of the character so far shows he works in the role.

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