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Blue Protocol Has A Full Anime Intro




Today marks the beginning of Blue Protocol's beta network test in Japan, which means we're finally getting some insight into what the upcoming Genshin rival from Bandai Namco and Amazon will look like. The beta will include the Game's first story chapter, an arena, event raids, and five playable classes that can leveled up to 20 and adventure rank four, whatever that means.

The beta also brought us Blue Protocol's opening cinematic, which is far more elaborate than most Games. It's a three-minute animation that introduces every main character and even a few secondary characters, providing us with brief glimpses into their personalities and possibly even the Game's big story beats.

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The trailer starts with Carvain riding atop a giant wolf before cutting to Feste, the first companion the player will meet. She's a demi-human who uses her childlike features to get her way, but in the opening cinematic, she seems to just keep getting into trouble.

Next up are Jake and Charlotte, one a veteran swordsman of the Asterliese's Adventurer Guild, the other a Traveling diva (or bard, if we were to use more traditional fantasy language) who seems bubbly and bright, but also utterly ruthless when wielding a submachine gun. Aeryn and Tyris are both from the future, with the former wielding angelic powers that give her a halo later on in the trailer.

The big brown-bearded knight is Dunkirk, leader of the Knights of the Principality of Bernhardt, and the woman behind her is Veronica, his second in command. The Oracle Priestess of the Bapharian Church is named Einrain, who can be seen just before the title card, and Voldigen, the King of Dragons, is Blue Protocol's main antagonist and nemesis of Carvain, who seems to have a tragic backstory that somehow involves Voldigen.

We don't know every face in the trailer, however. There are a few scientists or administrative-looking guys that haven't been identified just yet, but they seem to be working on some sort of top-secret Technology that will surely cause a terrible Scandal if they were to become widely known. I'm just guessing, but that's a pretty typical anime subplot.

We'll learn more as Blue Protocol goes through its network beta before the game releases in the second half of this year.

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