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Vampire Survivors Reveals Second DLC With New Characters, Weapons, And Music




Vampire Survivors, the award-winning auto-shooter that just beat out both Elden Ring and God of War at the BAFTAs, is getting its second paid DLC. Tides of the Foscari will send adventurers to Foscari Academy, a school where powerful wizards learn to weave arcana in ways that bend the very fabric of reality to their will. Sadly, the Academy has fallen on hard times and is now infested with monsters. You know where this is going.

Where December's Legacy of the Moonspell was all about Japanese folklore with its yokai and oni, Tides of the Foscari seems to have more of a fairy tale bent to it. Lake Foscari is in an enchanted forest full of fae, mythological creatures, and beasties that look to be ripped straight out of a Brothers Grimm book.


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In addition to the new enemies and the new large stage, Tides of Foscari will bring eight "allegedly never-seen-before characters" and task them with a journey to Foscari Academy for a "jolly adventure" and "whimsy." At least, that's what it says on the Steam page. It honestly seems like there's going to be a whole lot of whimsy, but it's hard to judge from the 15-second teaser trailer.

Expect 13 new weapons including their base versions and evolutions, which will apparently be a sword, an arrow, and some magic. There are also seven brand-new music tracks (not all of which will include a kazoo, apparently) and 21 new achievements to unlock.

Tides of Foscari will also launch alongside update 1.4 which will unlock a second batch of the Seal power-up. This will be a smaller patch than fans have come to expect due to a new engine upgrade on PC. Poncle has promised more substantial upgrades are coming in the future, but they really needed to get that engine upgrade out of the way first.

Tides of Foscari will be just $1.99 when it arrives on April 13. You can wishlist the DLC now on Steam or just wait for it to go live on mobile.

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