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Resident Evil Survey Asks If You'd Buy A New Console For An Exclusive




Capcom has sent out a survey, asking if fans would pick up a new platform if a Resident Evil Game went console exclusive. This suggests that the studio is toying with the idea of scrapping multiplatform releases, testing the waters to see if it would be financially viable to stick with either PlayStation or Xbox, not both.

This comes towards the end of an otherwise unassuming survey, which mostly covers where Resident Evil 4 Remake fans picked up the Game, and which platform they're playing on. However, given the inclusion of a question about console exclusivity, it's possible that this information is being gathered to decide which platform Capcom would go with if it were to make a Resident Evil Game exclusive, should fans respond well to the idea.

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The question itself doesn't explicitly mention console exclusivity, rather it asks fans how "interested" they are in purchasing a future Resident Evil title. The first answer reads: "I'd want to purchase it and I'd even buy new hardware if the Game released on a platform I don't own."

A survey that gives Resident Evil fans the option to say they would buy a new console if a Resident Evil game went exclusive

Of course, right now it's not clear which platform Capcom is finding more success with. Resident Evil 4 launched across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, after all. However, it's worth noting that, while it launched on PS4, it didn't make it onto Xbox One. It's not clear why this is the case, since the devs already went to the effort of downgrading the Game quite considerably to get it running on Sony's last-gen hardware. So much so that fans were complaining about the low framerate and graphical restrictions.

If the next Resident Evil was to opt for either Xbox or PlayStation console exclusivity, it wouldn't be the first time it's happened in the series. Code: Veronica released on Dreamcast before other platforms, and got exclusive content. After that, the Gamecube got Resident Evil Zero, as well as early access to Resident Evil 4. With that in mind, we might not want to be too comfortable with the multiplatform releases of recent years.

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