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MultiVersus Fans Are Demanding Refunds Following Server Shutdown Announcement




Earlier today, it was announced that MultiVersus is going to go offline in 90 days so developer Player First can concentrate on creating new content such as maps, characters, and modes. Unfortunately, they also revealed that the Game won't come back online until at least Early 2024, which appears to have riled up some of the few people that were still playing the Game and hoping for some new content in Season 3.

In the replies to the official announcement on Twitter, the top comment calling for a refund for the $100 Founder's Pack that was available near launch has gained a large amount of support, with plenty explaining that they wouldn't have spent money if they knew it was going to be taken offline. Other high-profile creators such as Twitch streamer GamesCage and Alpharad editor Ultima have also called out the developer for pulling the Game's online servers despite people having spent money on the title.


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It's a similar story when you take a trip to the game's subreddit too, as several posts are asking about potential refunds and calling the entire situation "unacceptable". There are some defenders who appear to be fine with the game's temporary shutdown, especially since you can still access purchased cosmetics via the limited offline modes, but that doesn't make up the vast majority of the game that will soon beomc eunplayable for an indefinite amount of time.

Another common reaction to MultiVersus' recent announcement is one of confusion, as many didn't even know the Game was still in Open Beta. It's pretty understandable to see why too, as not only has the Game been charging people for cosmetics and battle passes with an in-Game store, but it also won Best Fighting Game during last year's Game Awards, something which some argue it shouldn't have if it's still in an open beta stage. In any case, MultiVersus can ill afford to irritate the players it has left, and who knows if they'll return once the Game launches properly next year.

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