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Resident Evil 4 Players One Shot Village Chief While Aiming For The Willy




If you want to get out of the village in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you gotta go through Big Cheese. Dems da rules. But one player has found a cheeky little workaround - you can one-shot Bitores Méndez, the Village Chief, by layering the barn with some well-placed mines and a perfectly timed magnum shot (preferably to the groin).

As demonstrated by Bear Gaming Asia, before triggering the cutscene that starts the fight, if you shoot some bolt mines where he spawns, he'll take huge damage when it all kicks off. However, you can take it a step further by firing bolt mines at the beam he hangs onto in his second phase. Do this and, when you start the fight, one shot to the dick will knock him into the second phase where he will blow himself up, immediately ending the fight (thanks, GamesRadar).


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By this point, bolt mines and a magnum are pretty easy to come by, so long as you stock up on resources and treasure, earning enough to buy all the gear you need. And this is in hardcore, so if you're trying to get an S rank by lowering your runtime, this should make things much easier.

However, there's another way to lower your time by skipping the fight entirely. As shared by CN Speedrun Station, scoping in at the right spot and reloading the Game will push you into the stairs, letting you walk out of bounds where you can shuffle along the outside wall until you reach the other side of the barn where you can simply proceed to the castle. Big cheese to skip big cheese. Fitting, eh?

Granted, since it's an exploit, Capcom will likely patch this method. But since the bolt mine strat is a perfectly valid way to play, it'll likely remain viable in future playthroughs. For now, though, if you really don't want to tango with the Village Chief in professional, you've got a workaround.

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