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CS2 Removes Wallhack Console Command After Two Days




Counter-Strike 2’s built-in wallhack has been removed as of the latest patch yesterday. The patch removed a development console command that players could activate to generate a green box around every player, making it easy to shoot them through walls, doors, and other penetrable materials.

Wallhacks had been ruining CS2 for the past two days after video footage surfaced online showing how easy it was for anyone to activate wallhacks. All you needed to do was bring up the console and type in "cl_physics_highlight_active 5." I’m only revealing this information now because the Game no longer allows players to type in developer console commands, meaning this code doesn't work.

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We can only assume that such commands made it into the beta test due to simple oversight, but perhaps Valve wanted to know how quickly a cheat could be disseminated in the upcoming Counter-Strike sequel. If so, it Traveled far and wide extremely quickly as streamers reported being unable to play the Game without someone wallhacking less than 24 hours after the code became widely known.

21-Counter Strike 2 Cheating

Elsewhere in the recent patch, Valve disabled collisions between ragdolls preventing players from creating corpse mountains that crash Games. One streamer managed to stack 477 corpses before CS2 crashed, which was far more than the original CS:GO.

One fix that players are already calling broken was to CS2’s "insect" and then "reload" keys, which Valve said should more closely match CS:GO as of the recent patch. This should have allowed players to flick their butterfly knives in the way they’ve become accustomed to, but players are reporting that the animation still doesn’t look quite right.

Counter-Strike 2 is still in its invite-only limited test phase, so expect these bugs and more to be ironed out before the Game releases later this summer.

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