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The Last Of Us 4K UHD Blu-Ray Promises 3 Hours Of Special Features




There is still considerable chatter from the conclusion to the first season of HBO's The Last of Us. The finale once again generating discussion and debate about that choice. It has set a high watermark for video-Game-to-screen adaptations, and for those wanting to rewatch the acclaimed series at their leisure there is the discs to look forward to.

Among the enthusiasts, it's probably the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray that will be most coveted. Now available to pre-order, the discs will include all nine episodes of the first season along with "nearly three hours of special features including three all-new featurettes". For those not needing the 4K UHD version, there are also the standard Blu-ray and DVD options available too.


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Considering the success and popularity of The Last of Us Games, this HBO adaptation has been keenly awaited among fans. And it's pretty safe to say they have not been disappointed. More than that though, it seems the regular non-Game-playing folk have been hooked by the show too, with millions tuning in each week to follow the journey of Joel and Ellie.

the last of us series ellie walking across gap in rooftops with board

In fact, the viewership figures have grown and grown for the show, a fairly uncommon occurrence for a debut, with word-of-mouth helping to propel the series to general buzz and excitement. The second season has been greenlit and being worked on as we speak, while it's very likely that it'll go beyond two seasons considering how much story there is to tell as they're adapting The Last of Us Part 2 for television.

Meanwhile, the challenges and nuances in adapting the Games for screen will be of interest for many keen fans, so the promised special features should help those budding screenwriters and directors to gain an insight into the creative process. Creating a multi-million-dollar series like The Last of Us involves so many decisions and creatives, and the promised three hours of special features and new featurettes should hopefully shine more light on all the work that has gone into producing the show. The home release of The Last of Us: Season 1 in 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD releases on July 17.

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