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PlayStation Logo Sound Creator Tohru Okada Has Passed Away




It has been revealed that Tohru Okada, the man behind the iconic PlayStation logo sound, has sadly passed away at age 73. Many of you reading probably won't be too familiar with his name, though you will almost definitely have heard his work if you've ever been interested in PlayStation at some point. Okada's little sound has become synonymous with the brand since way back in the PS1 days, featuring in countless PlayStation ads for well over two decades.

News of Okada's passing was first announced on Twitter by the other members of Okada's band Moonriders (thanks PushSquare), with a picture of the musician next to a piano with the simple, moving caption "We love you." It was later revealed by Japanese outlet Excite that Okada suffered from heart failure and passed away on the morning of February 14.


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Of course, it would be remiss of us not to mention that Okada saw plenty of success outside of the little PlayStation ping. Many of us have been unknowingly listening to his work over the past two decades, but he was also responsible for the music behind some pretty wacky Crash Bandicoot commercials and also helped form Japanese rock band Moonriders back in 1975. There he played keyboard alongside fellow musicians Keichi Suzuki, Masahiro Takekawa, Tetsuro Kashibuchi, Hirohumi Suzuki, and Ryomei Shirai, and they were active all the way up until recently too, having released a new album titled "It's the moooonriders" last year.

Unfortunately, Okada is no longer with us, although his legacy will live on as long as PlayStation continues to use the little ping he created in its commercials. In fact, the sound was used in a PlayStation trailer that aired earlier today, which announced the PS VR2 update for No Man's Sky's Fractals update. That just shows how far and wide Okada's work has spread and will continue to do so for the forseeable future.

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