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Diablo 4 Is Kicking Players From The Game, Even After Long Queue Times




Diablo 4's second weekend of beta testing is facing issues once again, as even players who survive the long queue times aren't safe from the game's instability. Now, numerous players are complaining of constant disconnections, even after repeatedly getting to the front of the lengthy queue.

This comes as the open beta went live yesterday, allowing even more players to try out the latest instalment in the Diablo series ahead of its launch on June 6. This influx of new players seems to have pushed the servers to their limit once again, frustrating fans who are repeatedly getting kicked from the Game.

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Social media is full of Diablo 4 players complaining about this issue. Twitter user @Sacriel shares their own irritating journey to play the new Diablo, with the amount of time they can spend in-game getting slimmer each time they queue.

Another user, @Waffle_Castle, is facing the same problem. They're also queuing to get into the Game for more than half an hour, only to be booted after just a few minutes. Currently, being disconnected does not put you in a priority re-queue, so you'll just have to get to the back of the line with everyone else.

Unsurprisingly, complaints are being made on the Blizzard forums too. One user says they keep getting kicked from the Game every five minutes, leading them to call out Blizzard for using the fans as "guinea pigs."

Of course, as others are pointing out, this is the point of a beta. Fans are being used to test the game, and to give big publishers a slither of credit, they're at least honest about that in the marketing. Admittedly, that will be a moot point if these issues persist in the full launch, which remains to be seen. It also doesn't help that the publishers are still charging full price for the "honour" of testing their games.

Blizzard has responded to the most recent complaints, saying that it is "looking at an issue where players disconnect from the Game and are unable to rejoin." Hopefully, this means that booted players are supposed to be skipping the queue when they rejoin.

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