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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's Poor Performance Scores Mostly Negative Steam Rating




Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has joined the ranks of poor PC ports, as Team Ninja's latest action title has launched on Steam to 'Mostly Negative' user scores. Players massively criticize the Game's rough performance, as well as other issues like painful controls with a keyboard and mouse.

Wo Long launched on March 3 to rather glowing reviews from critics (but not from us), currently standing at 82 out of 100 at OpenCritic. However, players' reaction so far has been the polar opposite - at least from those who chose to play it on PC. At the time of writing, Wo Long stands at just 31 percent positive scores from players on Steam with over 2,300 reviews available. While many fans admit they would have enjoyed the Game itself, the current state of this PC port is pretty painful, going as far as not launching at all for the unluckiest.

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The most common consensus among Wo Long players on Steam right now is that "the Game runs poorly for how it looks," with constant frame rate drops, annoying stuttering, and latency issues, which makes it almost unplayable for some due to the title's dynamic combat with an emphasis on timing. Some say the Game won't even launch for them without crashing or opening to a disappointing black screen. The situation is even worse on Steam Deck, although the Game isn't actually supported on Valve's portable machine, according to its website.

Wo Long Co Op Action Two Warriors Attacking One Foe At Once

Overall, players compared Wo Long's current optimization to the state of Wild Hearts at launch, which was also review bombed just a couple of weeks ago. What's more, Fallen Dynasty was apparently created with Gamepads in mind, leading to clunky controls with a mouse and keyboard, a common problem with Souls-likes. Players complained about the in-Game "insufferable camera," criticizing the devs for thinking that everyone on PC still plays with a controller these days.

Still, plenty of negative reviews have had no effect on Wo Long's popularity on Steam so far. The project currently performs pretty strong, peaking at over 70,000 players mere hours after launch, which is even higher than the rates of its latest free demo. Hopefully, the developers will address its most annoying technical issues soon, so that the Game could be finally valued for what it is.

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