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Here’s Where You Can Find Pan and Peel Pizza Now




One of the Hudson Valley's biggest mysteries has been solved.

A pizzeria that seemingly popped up out of nowhere in Hopewell Junction in 2022, and then kind of disappeared recently has now been found ...but in a new location.

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What Happened to Pan and Peel Pizza?

The chatter began a few months back when people came to discover that they weren't able to get their Pan and Peel fix anymore in Hopewell Junction, and naturally took to social media to figure out where the popular pizza spot went.

I drove by the former location a few times, even hopping out of the car to take a peek in the windows to see if I was able to catch a glimpse of what might be happening inside.

Deemed 'the king of Hopewell pizza right now' shortly after they opened in 2022, Pan and Peel quickly elevated themselves to elite pizza status with their offerings, especially the 'honey pan pizza' that got rave reviews from day 1.

carlosgaw via Canva/Facebook
carlosgaw via Canva/Facebook

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FOUND THEM! Pan and Peel Reopens in Blauvelt, NY (Hudson Valley)

As I was scrolling instagram over the weekend I noticed a familiar sight...'is that a Pan and Peel pizza' I said out loud.

Surely enough, it was Pan and Peel announcing that they would be opening (the very next day) at their new location in Blauvelt, NY, which is technically a hamlet in Orangetown, Rockland County.


Operating inside Tua Cocina Mexican Restaurant at 11 Van Wyck Road, Blauvelt, NY, Pan and Peel will be open Monday-Saturday, 11am until 9pm, and shared that they're excited to be serving their hometown area.

Always standing behind their fresh ingredients, Pan and Peel remain 'dedicated to spreading joy within the South Orangetown community and beyond through our pizza.' You can take a look at their menu right here.

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