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Resident Evil 4 Remake Brings Back The Original Game's Lake Easter Egg




Resident Evil 4's remake brings back an easter egg from the original Game which can be triggered if Leon foolishly decides to shoot the lake before encountering Del Lago.

Good news, Resident Evil fans - you can stop replaying the Chainsaw Demo over and over again now as the Resident Evil 4 remake is finally upon us. Capcom has made it clear that Leon's reimagined trip to Spain has quite a few differences from the original (RIP "no thanks, bro"), but there are also lots of callbacks to the original Game and things that have mercifully been kept the same.

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Something that has been kept the same for the remake is the Del Lago easter egg that can be found in the first few hours of the Game. For those who don't remember, a couple of hours into the original Resident Evil 4, Leon finds himself at a lake he must cross in order to find Ashley. Crossing the lake leads to the Del Lago boss fight, but players can actually encounter it a little bit earlier (and a whole lot angrier) if they shoot the lake, which causes it to jump out and instantly kill you.

As shared by our Lead Features Editor Jade King over on Twitter, that easter egg thankfully makes a return in the remake. Getting the secret death scene is as simple as it was in the original Game - just choose to shoot the lake instead of getting in the boat, and Del Lago will jump out and eat you just as mercilessly as he did back in 2005.

Sadly, even though the easter egg has been kept in the remake, there's no reward for doing so like there was in the HD versions of Resident Evil 4. Shooting the lake in that release would net you the "Do Not Shoot The Water!" trophy, but here it's just a nice little callback with no reward attached.

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