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GDC Attendees Say Drinks Spiking Is A Constant Problem




Three women have come forward to warn fellow Game developers attending GDC to keep an eye on their drinks. Each shared stories of either themselves or friends who were roofied at past conventions and to be especially careful this year as GDC returns to being the full in-person experience.

Pixelles co-founder Reb started a depressingly informative Twitter thread with her personal story from 2019's GDC. "GDC folks: please watch your drinks even in small group settings," Reb warned. It happened to my ginger ale in 2019. Ruined the rest of my trip and all my talks."

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Strix, narrative director at Hidden Path Entertainment and currently working on an unannounced D&D Game, confirmed that "getting roofied" at GDC has "been a huge problem" for quite some time.

"Party with a buddy," she advised. "Have the number of someone nearby that you trust saved. If you feel weird, raise the alarm."

Responding to Strix, writer Bear-ba Yaga revealed she was "roofied at the Nordic Game Jam in 11," and was only barely able to make it back to her hotel. "I was alone. Don’t be like me."

Such stories are all too common in the games industry, especially following the scandals that rocked both Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard in 2020 and 2021. In our report from last year, we spoke with Team17 community manager Marion Mỹ Anh who had similar warnings for women going to any industry event.

"I don't go to any event, internal or public, without someone I fully trust," she said. "I never feel safe enough to drink more than one or two glasses if I don't have someone I fully trust by my side."

GDC's return to full in-person attendance also has renewed fears of a potential COVID outbreak. Just like last year, proof of a negative COVID test or a vaccination record will be required for attendance, but face masks will not be required indoors.

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