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Sonic Speed Simulator Adds Auto-Run And Fans Hate It




Sonic Speed Simulator, the official Sonic Game on Roblox, has received a controversial new feature. Nominally a runner where players have to guide their Sonic character to collect rings, Chaos Orbs, and more, now Sonic Speed Simulator has an auto run option for Roblox players that just can’t be bothered.

Added in this weekend's update, Auto Run does exactly what it says--the player no longer needs to offer any input for their character to automatically run throughout the level. This means you'll collect rings and acquire XP without needing to do anything at all.

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There are some downsides to Auto Run. For starters, your character will top out at around 130 mph or so, which isn't very fast. You can definitely acquire resources and experience faster by not using Auto Run. Also, Auto Run will not jump and it won't move side to side, meaning you'll miss a lot of stuff throughout your run. There's also an auto-log-off timer that the player will have to reset by clicking on the screen at least once every 20 minutes. Finally, you can double your rewards by paying 199 Robux, which seems like a pretty clear cash grab.


If you want to turn your speed simulator into an idle game, then Auto Run is a great new feature. But Sonic's catchphrase is "gotta go fast" for a reason. Sonic fans aren't particularly interested in "idle," and they're expressing their displeasure on Twitter.

"I love not playing the Game because that's what I play video Games for," wrote one user, while another wondered aloud if Auto Run was simply cheating. "Games literally an idle Game now," another user wrote. "God dammit Gamefam."

We’ll see if Gamefam continues to support Auto Run in future updates. In the meantime, if you need a break from Sonic Speed Simulator, there's a new fan Game that reimagines Sonic in the style of Donkey Kong Country. It's definitely a new look for the Blue Blur, that's for sure.

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