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Shrek Has Already Been Added To Resident Evil 4




Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Chainsaw Demo has only been out for a week or so but it already has a fine collection of mods. There’s a mod that takes off Leon‘s shirt, a mod that adds a classic CRT screen filter, and a mod that replaces his gun with a banana and his knife with a spoon. But we all know a Game hasn’t truly hit the mod scene until a certain green ogre appears, and that day has finally come.

Shrek is now available for the Resident Evil 4 demo. It’ll only work on PC (sorry, console players), and all it does is replace Dr. Salvador (that’s the big chainsaw-wielding dude) with everyone’s favorite ogre. Salvador wears a bag over his head in the demo, which means he has very little in the way of facial animation. The Shrek mod has absolutely no facial expressions whatsoever. Somehow, it’s even more disturbing to have Leon’s head cut off by a completely placid Shrek--like a green angel of death.


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The mod comes courtesy of Iven while the Shrek model comes by way of Mister3D69. The mod isn’t perfect, as some parts of Shrek’s model will get cut off depending on the animation. Iven takes full responsibility for this error. Also, Shrek’s hands will return to being Salvador’s “in a short in-Game cinematic.” I’ll let you guess which one that is.


Head on over to Nexus Mods to experience a new kind of terror thanks to the Shrek mod (and thanks to Destructoid for spotting this one).

Resident Evil 4 Remake arrives on March 23, but there's already plenty of footage floating around the internet thanks to leaks and Capcom's own teasers. One of the images showcases the new and improved Ramon Salazar, and fans are a little unsure what to think about him. He's gone from being an oddly old-looking child to being the risen corpse of Margaret Thatcher. It's probably safe to say that most of the people playing the Resident Evil 4 remake won't have much memory of the Iron Lady, but they do remember Salazar as the kid with grey hair wearing a pirate hat, and they're not taking Thatcher-Salazar too well.

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