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Pokemon Anime Confirms That Team Rocket Didn't Split Up




Ash's final episode of the Pokemon anime has aired in Japan, bringing the curtain down on the world's most famous trainer leading the way alongside his Pikachu. It's been an emotional run and many will have shed a tear or two watching Ash's finale. Some of those tears may have even been happy ones as the show confirmed Team Rocket hasn't split up after all.

One of the many moments that left Pokemon fans teary throughout Ash's farewell run was Team Rocket's three core members seemingly going their separate ways. Jessie, James, and Meowth were flung into the sky, as they often are, but were then shown in a heap right after, something viewers aren't usually privy to.

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The trio then walk off in different directions after an argument, leading fans to think they'll never see them together again. Turns out that's probably what they do every time they're defeated as Team Rocket returned for the finale, and for one more battle with Ash, no less. The Pikachu they've been trying to kidnap for 25 years hits them with the mother of all Thunderbolts, sending them all flying off into the sky one last time.

The burned-up members of the team are then shown flying through the sky rather than disappearing until they become so small that you can't see them. Well, that happens eventually. Rather than fall out, Jessie, James, and Meowth are all smiling and getting along. Evidence that not only is there seemingly very little chance the team will ever disband, but that they're getting a happy ending despite their final clash with Ash ending the same way as every other one they've ever had.

Even though Team Rocket has been confirmed to still be together, it does seem like they will be leaving the anime along with Ash and Pikachu. Shortly after it seemed as if they'd broken up, Pokemon appeared to reveal their replacements, The Explorers. The new duo will likely be the foes new protagonist Liko has to face, and may well get a Thunderbolt or two of their own from the new Captain Pikachu.

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