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Fortnite Update Makes Trees Disappear On PS5




Another Fortnite update went live this week. No big additions or vaultings to report, but some players have noticed the Game appeared to get a serious downgrade. The disappearance of Fortnite's trees after this week's update makes the island look worse than it did before, but Epic is already trying to fix the issue.

Scyan appears to have been the first player to notice, sharing comparison images and questioning what happened. The image on the left shows a far more visually pleasing Fortnite map sprawled below the battle bus. The post-update image is far more sparse, leading some to believe the Game's graphics had been downgraded.

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That generated a heated debate in the replies to the tweet. Some questioned whether the issue was present on all platforms, whether the images were last-gen vs. new-gen, and some people even claimed the difference was simply down to one image being taken at night and the other during the day. However, Fortnite Status has replied to Scyan's tweet confirming there is an issue and Epic is working on a fix.

“The team is currently investigating an issue that is causing trees and other details on the Island to not appear properly at a distance while on the Battle Bus or dropping in on PlayStation 5,” Epic confirmed. No, Scyan was not seeing things. There really is a lack of trees in Fortnite, but only when you're looking down from a great distance, and only when you're playing on PS5.

While the Mysterious case of the disappearing trees is a problem that will soon be fixed, those of you who have taken issue with Fortnite's new Resident Evil skins are going to remain disappointed. Leon and Claire have been added to the BR Game to celebrate the launch of Resident Evil 4 Remake later this week, and many of you are less than impressed with how the Fortnite versions of the iconic characters look in-Game.

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