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Watch: Francis Turley’s First Senior Celtic Goal




Francis Turley’s goal in the friendly against Queens Park is a bright spot for Celtic.

It’s always encouraging to see young players like Turley take their chances well, especially when combined with a strong performance from other academy products. This kind of involvement from the B team can infuse fresh energy and innovation into the first team, something Brendan Rodgers seems keen to explore.

Take a look at his second-half strike:

The mass substitution to bring in young talents around the hour mark suggests Rodgers is seriously looking at these players not just for future potential, but also for what they can contribute in the upcoming season.

One player that was notably missing was Daniel Kelly. His absence from the preseason line-ups amid ongoing speculation about his future raises questions about his integration into Rodgers’ plans.

As rumours persist about a potential free transfer departure in January, Celtic might need to resolve his situation soon to avoid losing a promising talent without any return.