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Valve Is Warning Fans Of Counter-Strike 2 Early Access Scams




Counter-Strike 2 was announced yesterday as a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coming later this summer. Players will have their entire CS:GO inventories transferred over to the new Game alongside a host of technical improvements that some lucky players will be able to experience early thanks to the limited-access technical tests that Valve is hosting right now.

The technical test is invite-only, and while Valve said there are several criteria for who gets invited, one of them is overall playtime. That’s led some CS:GO players to sit idly in matches just to accrue more playtime at the expense of actual players, but it shows the lengths to which people will go just to get an invite.


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Players are so eager to get into CS2’s early access period that some scams have popped up to take advantage of all the hype. Reports of fake YouTube accounts and livestreams have popped up with unfortunate dupes being tricked into heading to a fake Steam Login page. This page then harvests login data so the scammers can steal your Steam account.

The issue has apparently gotten Valve's attention. The official Counter-Strike Twitter issued a warning yesterday to "beware of scams" and "the only way to check for Limited Test access is to launch CS:GO through Steam and check the main menu."

The invitation should look like this. Note that there are no codes or keys or external websites. Once invited, the user will be asked to exit and download CS2 in order to relaunch into the technical test.

For those who don't get the invite, don't worry--everyone will get the free download later this summer. You just gotta be a little more patient. In the meantime, the CS2 website showcases some of the new Source 2 Engine tech that'll bring better lighting, revamped maps, new netcode, and incredible new smoke effects.

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