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Valheim Launches On Xbox Game Pass With Crossplay




Valheim's long-awaited console port is now with us, as it launches on Xbox via Game Pass. This comes more than two years since its initial release on PC, although the Game is still technically in early access across all of its available platforms.

Despite not being ready for a full release, this Xbox port of Valheim has crossplay, regardless of how the Game is being played (through either Steam or Game Pass for PC). If you don't have Game Pass, Valheim can also be purchased outright on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, setting you back £15.49.

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As highlighted by the devs in the launch day announcement, you'll have to go into Valheim's settings to enable crossplay. But once that's sorted, you can play with others regardless of platform.

Even with such a significant milestone reached, it's still not clear when Valheim will get a full release out of its early access period. Launching on a new platform is likely to require some tweaking too, possibly taking some time away from working on the full release. However, the fact that it stuck to the March 14 launch date at least indicates that development is sticking to its schedule, suggesting all is well behind the scenes.

As for further console ports, we'll likely have to wait until the full release. Valheim was previously described as an Xbox "console launch exclusive" indicating that Microsoft would enjoy exclusivity during the early access period. After this, the wording of the agreement seems to give the developers the freedom to launch on PS4 and PS5 if it so wishes. It just means that, for the foreseeable future at least, Sony fans are in for a bit of a wait. On the bright side, the Game should be completed once they get their hands on it.

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