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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Is Coming August 18, Day One On Game Pass




Sumo Digital has announced that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is launching August 18, with a technical test coming a few months earlier on May 25.

Over the past few weeks, Sumo Digital has been sharing more information about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre over on the Game's official Twitter page, giving a deeper look at the Game's individual mechanics and how survivors are meant to go up against the killers. It seems all of this has been leading up to the one big reveal that everyone's been waiting for - an official release date.

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As reported by IGN, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One August 18. Sumo Digital also reconfirmed that the Game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass from day one, something that it had previously announced alongside a short Gameplay trailer back in 2022.


The Gameplay trailer shown alongside the release date reveal is similarly short and is mostly made up of the survivors (depressingly named "Victims" in the Game) unsuccessfully trying to escape from the killers. The Gameplay footage shown here might be brief, but it does give us a good look at two original killers being made specifically for the Game - Johnny and Sissy.

These two were previously revealed when the community solved a riddle and unlocked the "Petals Experience", finally resulting in concept art of the two killers being shown off. This is our first time seeing them in action, however, and they seem to pretty cut out for this whole killing thing.

That's not all, though. IGN also reports that a technical test for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will go live on May 25. We currently don't have any detail on what consoles are going to be included in the technical test, but IGN says that wishlisting the Game on Steam will provide eligibility details, which means that we at least know that the test will be available for PC players.

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