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The Last Of Us Season 2 May Launch Early 2025 According To Bella Ramsey




As with any great TV show, the end of a season leads to a feeling of emptiness, followed by anticipation for the next one. However, there are certain shows which make you dread thinking of what's coming next. The Last of Us is one such show, which made those who haven't played the Games realise that things don't really end happily. However, what will be more interesting for those who already know the story is how it will be portrayed.

To avoid any spoilers, let's just say that TLOU 2 didn't exactly follow the same Gameplay formula as the first Game – meaning it's a much bigger story. We already know that the story will be told over multiple seasons, and writing something like that takes time. If you're wondering when season two will finally premiere, Bella Ramsey feels it will be towards the end of next year at the earliest.

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Speaking on an episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Ramsey mentioned that the next season for the show will take some time (via Independant). “It will be a while. I think we’ll probably shoot at the end of this year, beginning of next," said Ramsey. “So it’ll probably be the end of 2024, early 2025.”

While this may seem like a long wait for those who've become hooked to the show, it sounds like a reasonable estimate to write and shoot a story as long and layered as that of The Last of Us Part 2.

If there were any doubts, the showrunners have mentioned that they haven't even thought about recasting Ramsey as Ellie. "The only way we would ever, ever consider recasting Bella is if she said, 'I don't want to work with you guys anymore'," said showrunner Neil Druckmann. Additionally, Craig Mazin also suggested that there might not be a time skip between the two seasons, like there was in the Games. “There’s a primary shift in time, but there are also moments that you see, that are in between the events of the main storyline of The Last of Us Part II and the storyline of The Last of Us Part I.”

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