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The Last Of Us Multiplayer Developers Are Hard At Work Making Good Doors




If you didn't know, The Last of Us is the name of a series of video Games. Yes, really. While the HBO television adaptation has been nabbing headlines of late, driving much discussion, and being garlanded by all and sundry, let's remember the amount of detail, passion, and sheer work that went into The Last of Us, Left Behind DLC, and The Last of Us Part 2.

There is more upcoming too, with Naughty Dog currently at work on the multiplayer The Last of Us. Recently, a dev shared a tiny update on the project (via Gamesradar) and clued in those interested to just how much work and refinement goes in to these triple-A titles. Because it's all in the details and one particular aspect was highlighted: the game's doors.


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On Twitter, lead animator Maksym Zhuravlov shared his memories of finishing the animation system for The Last of Us Part 2's combat doors. Thinking that his work was done, could be re-used, and that it couldn't possibly be more than that, the animator revealed that this is not the case. Zhuravlov, who is the lead animator on the upcoming online multiplayer Last of Us Game, also uploaded a video of his previous work on TLoU2 and it really shows how much work must go in to creating such a Game, with the number of variations and detail required.

In fact, Game director on the TLoU2 Kurt Margenau has previously said that the doors was one of things that took the longest to get right. Doors, eh? Who would've thought.

Vinit Agarwal, co-Game director on the multiplayer title then reshared Zhuravlov's tweet, and added: "Working on doors in our current Game and yes, @MaksZhuravlov was wrong unfortunately". So if you want to know why this multiplayer title is taking so long, blame the doors. No, not the band, just general in-Game doors.

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