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Square Enix's NFT Game Has A Faction Called "Normies"




Square Enix is unveiling a new Game in a couple of days! Sounds cool, right? Well, no. It's an NFT Game, so of course, almost no one seems to be aware that it's meant to be launching soon. If anything, it seems like the publisher is embarrassed by the whole thing, and after taking a look at its Twitter account, it's easy to see why.

Symbiogenesis, the Game that everyone thought would be a new Parasite Eve instalment, will feature a faction called Normies. Yes, you are reading that correctly. The NFT Game has a group called Normies, because of course it bloody does. It's not clear if this was meant to be a dunk on those who don't want to buy into Square's "collectable art project", but it sure is something.

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"Rather than engaging in battles, Normies are pacifists who prefer living peacefully in The Floating Continent," reads the faction's description, as shared on the Symbiogenesis Twitter account. It seems that the first chapter of the Game/art project/whatever the hell this is will focus on the Normies.

Symbiogenesis still doesn't have its own website, so it's not exactly clear how players will interact with these factions. Or if there will be much "playing" at all, for that matter.

The website and Discord server are set to go live in two days. The Game (?) itself is still set for a launch date of spring 2023, so it's probably not too far behind. Even without the site, it's safe to assume that this isn't secretly a really cool Parasite Eve project now. I suppose we'll just have to wait until Square Enix gets this whole NFT thing out of its system - maybe we'll get something then?

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