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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Claim Mighty Pikachu Raid Is Impossible




It's Pokemon Day! A day on which many of you will be doing a number of things to mark the anniversary of the series. Perhaps you celebrated early by trying to beat the seven-star Pikachu raid added to Scarlet & Violet. If you tried and failed to beat the incredibly challenging new raid, you're not alone.

In fact, some failed to defeat the Mighty Pikachu so many times, they labeled the new raid impossible. Equal parts frustrating and amusing since some complained even the toughest Scarlet & Violet raids were a little easy. Others assumed a Pikachu raid to celebrate Pokemon Day would be one geared for all. A nice easy raid to prepare us for the Pokemon Presents later today.


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That the raid wasn't going to be easy became clear when its details started to do the rounds. With 50 times the HP of a regular Pikachu, the raid Pokemon was already more powerful than those to come before it which are usually given 30 times the normal amount in seven-star raids. The Pikachu's Tera type is also water. That means it uses Rain Dance and thus ensures its Thunder has 100 percent accuracy.

On top of all that, the Mighty Pikachu was the first raid Pokemon since Sword & Shield to bring a held item to the fray. A Light Ball which means its physical and special attack stats were doubled. All of that led to a number of tweets like the one above finding their way online over the weekend. Trainers claiming for one reason or another that the raid Pikachu wasn't just hard to beat, but it was impossible to take down.

While you might find it hard to believe, there's evidence out there suggesting some people actually did manage to beat the Pikachu. Make sure anyone claiming that shows you one with a Mightiest Mark to prove they really were victorious. If you didn't beat the raid, don't worry, there's plenty more Pokemon stuff to look forward to very soon. Pokemon Presents begins at 9 am EST, during which Pokemon Sleep might finally be announced.

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