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Pokemon Fans Are Debating Which Starter Is The Cutest




The first thing Pokemon fans hotly debate every time new Games are announced is which of its starters is the best, usually because they're the first thing about the Game to be revealed. The fight over which starter Pokemon is the very best (like no one ever was) is played out, though. Many of you now want to know which one is the cutest, and it's a conversation that appears to have brought trainers together rather than driven them apart.

CaptainFawx is the trainer responsible for starting the debate, creating an image that includes every starter Pokemon there has been so far and posting it on Reddit so the rest of us can make our points and arguments in an orderly fashion. They have even been kind enough to include starter Pokemon from outside of the main series from Games like Mystery Dungeon and Colosseum.

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You might be surprised to discover the starter Pokemon to have received the most attention so far is Pikachu. Yes, it's the most famous Pokemon in the series, and that might lead you to think it would get less attention from the type of fans replying to a post like this. The thing is, the Pikachu getting all the attention is the Pokemon's original design. The chubbier model that has been dubbed Fatchu, Chonkachu, and my personal favorite, Thiccachu in the replies.

Outside of Thiccachu, other popular picks include Mudkip, Totodile, and Phanphy. Lots of love for the Water-types, although not much for Azurill who may well be my number one in the cute starter rankings since Mystery Dungeon picks are fair Game. I'm also not impressed with the lack of love for Sprigatito, the cutest and overall best of Scarlet & Violet's starters by a Paldean mile.

Deciding which starter Pokemon is the cutest may well help you fill the time this weekend as you ponder what might be included in Monday's Pokemon Presents. Quite a few signs point to there being a new Mystery Dungeon Game on the docket which may well mean the cute rankings need to be updated later this year.

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