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Elden Ring Players Think Godfrey Should've Taken Better Care Of His Axe




For those Elden Ring players who progress to a certain point, you'll become familiar with the glorious sight of Godfrey, First Elden Lord. Not that you might think him so glorious after succumbing to him for the Nth time, but since the boss is not an optional one players must defeat him in order to advance (and there are definitely harder bosses).

Godfrey also has charisma, it wouldn't be remiss to say, what with his kingly hauteur, lion's mane, and beefy axe, so it's no wonder that the Elden Ring faNBAse have come together to discuss a curious aspect of his weapon. Namely, who or what broke his axe? It's a formidable weapon, as players will be well aware, but it's also got pieces missing. So what happened to it? Players have been discussing, debating, and joking about Godfrey's weapon.

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On the popular and lively Elden Ring subreddit, a thread titled "OK... who in the hell broke Godfrey's axe??" has attracted hundreds of comments and received nearly 16,000 upvotes. Attached to the thread is an image of the boss, showing the axe in question, and clearly the weapon has seen better days. And yes, there is a prosaic reason, as the most upvoted comment, detailed.

"There's a line on the axe description that mentions that it was damaged as part of his long campaign during the March of the tarnished", writes u/Due_Imagination3838, rather handily explaining it. "It's never specified who, exactly. It could be whoever crucified him".

It's probably useful at this point to cue in some of Godfrey's backstory. The lore around Godfrey was that he was once the first consort of Queen Marika and thus ruled the Lands Between as its first Elden Lord. Prior to this he was known as Hoarah Loux, a chieftain of the badlands and a mighty and bloodthirsty warrior. He won many wars for the Erdtree, but he was robbed of his grace, and banished from the Lands Between, and so became the first Tarnished.

It could be that the formidable warrior fought so hard that he broke his own weapon, suggested one commentor, in the countless wars in which he partook. "Seeing how he treats his axe in battle it was probably himself to be honest", wrote another, in a popular comment. However, another guestured at a more interesting theory.

"Just a theory but that might be Serosh's axe that he took as a symbol of their partnership after he beat the fuck out of him and his kingdom", said u/salad48, who referenced the YouTuber 'The Tarnished Archaeologist' who digs deep on Elden Ring lore. Serosh is of course Hoarah Loux's lion regent and the one who reins in his bloodlust and constant urge to do battle. But still others point out that the warrior may have broken the axe to become single sided simply because it was his preference.

But for Soulsborne devotees, some consider it bad form on Godfrey's part. "Having played the previous soulsborne Games, I usually pay attention to the durability of my favourite weapons and make sure they don't break", wrote u/ComingUpWildcard.

"What I'm saying is that it's on him for not taking better care of his favourite axe".

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