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Elden Ring Fans Want Mimics To Return For Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC




There are a great many Elden Ring players out there, and judging by the excitement that greeted the announcement that there is to be a new DLC, many fans. But they're eager for more, and so now the faNBAse is looking forward to Shadow of the Erdtree. While little information about the expansion has been revealed, fans are busy speculating and pondering. Over on the Elden Ring subreddit, a recent thread exploded with comments after the OP asked, "You get to recycle one FromSoft enemy for the DLC. Who do you choose?"

One of FromSoftware's neatest qualities is the skill, imagination, and creativity with which the studio designs its Game enemies, and there have been many memorable ones over the years. These include the infamous Wheel Skeletons, Mushroom Parent and Child, and Anor Londo archers from Dark Souls - you know, the ones that sent us flying into the abyss? There's also the Bound Widow from Bloodborne and every single one of those dogs that stunlocked us into an early grave.

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With more than two thousand upvotes, one of the most popular enemies FromSoft fans want to see return in the new DLC are the Mimics. Appearing in every Dark Souls, Mimics are hostile creatures that disguise themselves as treasure chests. They lie in wait for unsuspecting players, while they still contain unique treasures said to be the undigested items of previous victims. Mimics also do not respawn after they're slain. One commentor said that Mimics could have an alt version, where they mimic Bonfires. A most dastardly suggestion.

Another suggestion to get the faNBAse nodding in bastardly agreement are the Snatchers from Bloodborne. These are tall, hooded monsters that roamed Cathedral Ward. Using a sling bag hung over their shoulders to attack, Snatchers presented a tough challenge and can even take you to a late-Game area right at the start. User MrNopedeNope suggested these Snatchers could be augmented with Deathblight, like the Basilisks. "How could you suggest such a thing", came a reply. How could they, indeed.

It's an entertaining and encouraging thread, showing the enthusiasm and depth of knowledge that Elden Ring and FromSoft players have accumulated. The Japanese studio really has created a devoted and dynamic community around itself. Take a look for yourself for what these players have suggested in the linked thread above.

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