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Diablo 4 Is Hosting A Contest Where The Prize Is Having Someone Clean Your House




Many of you would have spent last weekend playing Diablo 4's early access open beta. There'll be another open beta this weekend, and if life got in the way of you maximizing your time with the Game the first time around, Blizzard wants to make sure that doesn't happen again by helping you out around the house.

No, seriously. The studio is running a sweepstake, and the prize is someone coming over to do your chores while you play Diablo 4. Blizzard is giving away $20,000 worth of Thumbtack services, presumably to many players rather than just one with an incredibly untidy home.

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Thumbtack is effectively Uber Eats except rather than bringing you food, you tell someone what needs doing around the house and they do it for you. Pretty handy, and even handier when Blizzard is footing the bill. To enter, reply to the tweet below with what chores you need doing and be sure to include the Diablo4TheWeekend hashtag to be in with a chance to win.

The sweepstake is open until 12 pm EST on Thursday, March 23, giving Blizzard time to notify the winners before the next open beta begins on Friday. You also need to reside in an eligible US state, and any entries that include inappropriate or offensive language will not be counted. No requesting a Thumbtack employee do anything crude and don't load your tweet with curse words. Easily done if the chores you're listing are ones that have been hanging over you for a while.

The comPetition rules don't clarify whether you actually have to play Diablo 4 while someone is doing your chores, although that's kind of the point. Perhaps someone from Thumbtack can help you play Diablo 4. If they're any good, they might get you over the line to unlock that puppy by hitting level 20. Or maybe they can wait in the virtual queue for you if it's as long as it was last weekend.

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