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CodeMiko Uses Shock Collar On Herself, Gets Twitch Ban




American streamer and YouTuber CodeMiko has been banned from Twitch for the eighth time after she used a shock collar live on her Twitch stream. Following the ban, CodeMiko's Twitch channel vanished with only a message saying "This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service" in its place.

On Discord, CodeMiko shared with her followers that the ban was because of the shock collar (via Dexerto). Twitch Terms of Service specifies that the platform does not allow content "that glorifies, promotes, or encourages self-harm" and that activities that encourage "physically harmful behavior" is also prohibited, although these rules are not always consistently enforced.


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On a recent stream, Miko and fellow Twitcher HanaxBanana were playing a Game in which the pair were shocking each other, with the rule that "you laugh you lose" and if one did laugh then the forfeit was being shocked. Miko was wearing a shock collar at the time.

CodeMiko has nearly a million followers on Twitch and the creator is known for V-Tubing where she appears as a virtual persona using a digital avatar overlaid on her real face. Miko (real name Youna Kang) uses advanced motion capture suits, gloves, and Unreal Engine to bring her alter ego CodeMiko to life. The creator has been profiled in the likes of The Verge and Business Insider as an example of a streamer who found success, as she initially went into debt in order to procure the expensive equipment that enables V-tubing. Over on YouTube, CodeMiko has almost 500,000 subscribers and more than 40,000,000 views of her videos.

While we don't know for how long the Twitch ban will last for CodeMiko, it's not the first time the platform has banned someone for inflicting harm on themselves during a livestream. Another high profile incident involved Dellor, a streamer who was banned for smashing keyboards on his face when Apex Legends plays didn't go so well. More recently another streamer was banned for setting their hands on fire for a cosplay.

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