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50 Cent's Vice City Teases Might Not Have Anything To Do With GTA 6




Post something that can even remotely be connected to GTA 6 and social media will go into meltdown. That's why when 50 Cent shared not one, but two Vice City images last week, many assumed the rapper was connected to the next Game in the series somehow. Turns out that isn't the case at all, and 50 Cent was simply teasing a TV show called Vice City.

Before you get all excited about an adaptation of a well-loved chapter in the GTA story, 50 Cent's project with Paramount isn't connected to the video Game series whatsoever. Confirmation that the GTA hype generated by the rapper's posts was misplaced comes courtesy of Deadline (thanks, Insider Gaming) which has even reported a synopsis for 50 Cent's new show.

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“Three friends partner with a Mysterious Colombian immigrant, uniting their financial needs and criminal ambitions to form a heist crew. Fueled by the need for American green, they traverse a violent and dangerous path in pursuit of the American Dream,” its description reads. So no, Vice City might not be officially connected to GTA, but it has clearly pulled inspiration from the long-running video Game series.

tommy walking down stairs in gta vice city
via Rockstar

While it might seem like assuming a Celebrity's Vice City posts were connected to GTA 6 is a bit of a leap, there were reasons to believe 50 Cent might be linked to the new Game. It has been heavily rumored GTA 6 will see the series return to Vice City, for starters. GTA Games have also included a number of Celebrity voices over the years. Dr. Dre is in GTA 5, and a number of very famous actors played key roles in the original Vice City, including the late Ray Liotta.

Rockstar has maintained radio silence regarding what to expect from GTA 6 despite the massive leak showing off some of its gameplay last year. The highly-anticipated game is currently expected to launch during the final quarter of 2024. However, after reportedly having its release date pushed internally a number of times already, it's entirely likely we don't get to play the new GTA until at least 2025.

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