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You Can Get Diablo 4 Beta Access For Buying A Deadly Sandwich From KFC




Good news for fried chicken lovers. KFC is running a promotion right now where all online orders for the returned Double Down sandwich will provide you with an access code that will get you into the early access beta for Diablo 4.

For those of you who haven’t been sitting on pins and needles awaiting the return of our one true lord, allow me to introduce you to the Double Down. In essence, it’s a fried chicken sandwich without the bread. That’s because the bread has been replaced by two fried chicken filets. Between them are cheese, bacon, and a special sauce, the exact composition of which is unknown. But given the homicidal levels of fat content in this particular delicacy, it’s safe to assume it’s mostly mayo.

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The Double Down contains more than half your daily recommended intake of fat and sodium and nearly all your recommended intake of protein. It is unashamedly unHealthy in every way, and as such, it has quite the following.

Sadly, the Double Down is only here for a limited time and is only available in the US (I'm weeping Canadian tears). However, to make this resurgence of the Double Down extra special, KFC and Blizzard have teamed up to offer early access codes to everyone who buys this most unHealthy of sandwiches.

Every purchase of a Double Down either on the KFC website or KFC app between now and March 18 will provide the purchaser with an access code for the Diablo 4 beta. Access codes are provided by email, and the beta will run from March 17 to March 19. That's the same early access period provided for legit Diablo 4 pre-orders.

This deal is not available in stores, so remember to buy online if you want early access. Or you can save yourself some cholesterol (and probably a heart attack) and just wait for the open beta to begin on March 24.

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