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Troy Baker Was Initially "Against The Idea" Of HBO's The Last Of Us




HBO's The Last of Us has been a huge hit, bringing the story of Joel and Ellie to millions of viewers who would have missed it otherwise. In some areas, it's even expanded on what we got in the Games, giving those of us already familiar with the narrative a reason to tune in every week. However, many of us were sceptical at first - including the original Joel actor, Troy Baker.

Speaking with Deadline ahead of his big TV show debut, Baker reveals that he was initially "against the idea" of adapting The Last of Us into a series, feeling that it should have been "left as a Game". He has very much changed his tune now, however, saying that it's "wonderful" to see so many new fans discover the series so long after the first Game's launch.

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In the interview, Baker shares his surprise over how the show has unfolded. "Everything has been surprising because none of this has been expected," says Baker. "I was against the idea of the show. I was like, 'Why not just leave it as a Game?'"

joel and ellie in the last of us
via HBO

However, he says that Neil Druckmann managed to win him over. "Neil goes, 'Because I believe this story is good enough to get out to people who will never pick up a controller, and we need to bring this story to them.'... Seeing this show’s resonance with people has been the most surprising thing."

It's safe to say that the latest episode, the first to feature Troy Baker, is also impacting viewers. Without diving into spoiler territory, Baker is playing a very different role to Joel, giving him a chance to explore another part of The Last of Us' story entirely.

The latest episode, When We Are in Need, is also getting great reviews so far. Even though many of us haven't had the chance to watch it yet, with it being so late by the time it drops in Europe. It doesn't quite have the top spot though, with that going to the first episode, When You're Lost in the Darkness.

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