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The Sims 4's Enlist In War Mod Has Drafted An Infant




The Sims 4 got a little more immersive and realistic recently as an entirely new life stage was added to the Game. Babies now become infants before growing into children, making them a lot more than glorified inanimate objects in-Game for the first stages of their lives. That includes little ones toddling around your virtual homes as they grow, but probably shouldn't include them potentially being drafted and called up to fight in some sort of Sim war.

That appears to be what has happened to FutureMailCarrier. The Sims player shared a screenshot that shows someone far too young to be in the army being notified that they have been enlisted and will be sent to war within the next 24 hours. Poor little Kira Van Kamp is shipping out, and for those of you familiar with this mod, there's no way of knowing if she'll be back.


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Yes, if you had no idea your Sims can be drafted to fight in a war, then you can rest easy. This isn't a new feature you've not heard of. It's a mod available through Kuttoe that allows Sims to enlist in the army so they can go fight in a war. That presumably means the parent of little Kira signed them up to go to battle, or rather they tested the water to see if the mod affected infants and found out the hard way that it can.

My infant's going to 'Nam... from Sims4

The mod description reads that Sims must be teens or adults to enlist in the army. Either the mod hasn't been updated since the infant life stage was added to the Game, or FutureMailCarrier has found a workaround or stumbled on a bug. The mod has the Sim disappear after the 24 hours are up and then chance will decide their fate. It's a 50/50 chance whether they return, but they'll get a weekly pension if they do make it back.

While potentially being drafted to fight in a war is a self-inflicted problem for The Sims' new infants, having their legs stretched is something that could happen to anyone. A bug has been giving infants very long legs, seemingly so they can reach counters and perform tasks they shouldn't be allowed to do.

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