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The Sims 4 Fans Say Infants Are "Boring" Without Growing Together DLC




Last month, The Sims 4 finally added create-a-sim for infants while announcing plans to make them their own life stage. This was seen as a long overdue update, given that infants have been little more than inanimate objects for nearly a decade. However, one month later, it turns out they're just as "boring" if you don't fork out for the new DLC.

As reported by GamesRadar, the community is upset that so many of the new infant features are locked behind a $40 paywall. For instance, if you have the Growing Together expansion, you can teach your baby how to crawl alongside other basic life skills, but all of this is automatically unlocked if you don't have the DLC. On top of that, they only have around four usable interactions if you don't pay, so there's still not much to do with them.


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A few likened the update to a "trial" or "lackluster marketing bait" in that you get a taster of what infant Gameplay is like, incentivising you to go and buy the full experience. This can be seen in the diapers, as they still get dirty meaning you have to put them in the bin, but there's no changing table. That you have to pay for.

While many are upset at the lack of features in the infant update, with most being locked behind the DLC, several were quick to denounce EA specifically, saying that this is nothing new. "Why are people still surprised EA nickels and dimes you for everything?" one user commented. "EA, the company that released dlc for dlc... Of course they give us a shitty trial version of infants", another added.

Others highlight that, for those without the DLC, the base Game has become harder without any of the benefits of the expansion, as any new depth to be found with infants requires paying while the more tedious mechanics such as those aforementioned dirty diapers are free. Fans have long wanted an overhaul for infants, and while that's finally here, so much of it requires paying $40 to access.

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