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The Last Of Us Players Share How They Dealt With The Surgeons While Saving Ellie




Anyone who's experienced the ending of The Last of Us will know how emotionally charged the entire situation is. You take control of a man who is doing things you may not personally agree with, yet are forced to watch these events play out and participate in them yourself. Because of this emotion, there's a wide range of reactions to one particular scene, and if you don't want the Game (or TV series) spoiling, you'd best click away now.

Right at the end of The Last of Us, after ruthlessly dispatching dozens of Fireflies, Joel bursts into the operating room in which Ellie is about to be killed and shoots the head surgeon who tries to stop him. Even if you don't want to, you're forced to shoot this poor man to progress in the story. However, you aren't forced to shoot the two other surgeons cowering in the room, and fans seem to be split down the middle on how they initially dealt with them in their first playthrough.

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Curious as to how people dealt with these surgeons, a ResetEra user called Dust ran a poll to see how many people spared them like Joel did in HBO's The Last of Us, and how many murdered them. At the time of writing, the poll is almost exactly even, though the option to kill them both has a minor lead. Dust themselves recalls shooting the lead surgeon in the head and dropping the other two quickly after with almost no hesitation, and asked others to describe their thought process at the time.


A lot of responses describe how they felt that Joel would be too far gone on his murderous rampage, and channelled that rage themselves to take down everyone in the room. Jawmuncher's thought process is a little dark, who explains that "My sins were already unforgivable. What's a few more added to the pile," while a scary amount of people seem to have bust out the flamethrower just for Jerry and his team.

Then we have the other side of The Last of Us faNBAse who deliberately went out of their way to try and spare the surgeons, as well as Jerry himself. Lemony1984 and Rats both talk about intitially trying to get past Jerry without having to kill him, the former going for a shot to the leg which rather strangely ended up being instantly lethal. Some people didn't even know you could kill the other two surgeons in the room because they never actually tried, really showcasing how much of an innocent soul they are.

Thankfully, Joel in the TV show was a little bit more merciful, which is good because that meant we didn't have to see him shoot Laura Bailey. Fans will know that Bailey played Abby in The Last of Us Part 2, but she also made a little cameo role in the TV show as one of Ellie's surgeons, much to the delight of everyone who recognised her at the time.

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