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The Last Of Us Part 1 Gets Its First PC Hotfix Following Rocky Launch




The Last Of Us Part 1's PC post launched this week, leading to many of you breathing a huge sigh of relief after having to go two weeks without HBO's adaptation. That sigh of relief was quickly taken back as many who bought the remake's port discovered it isn't in a very good state. The good news is Naughty Dog has already rolled out a hotfix addressing some early issues.

“This update primarily focusses on stability and performance improvements and other smaller improvements,” Naughty Dog's patch notes read (thanks, GamesRadar). Nothing all that specific, but that might be difficult to do considering the many issues players have encountered, some of them pretty broad. Everything from the Game constantly crashing to it taking hours to start up while it loads shaders.


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All very serious stuff, but on the bright side, some of Part 1 on PC's early problems have resulted in some meme-worthy content. The shaders, or lack of them, for example. That left Joel not exactly looking his best for some of you, especially when trying to play The Last Of Us on Steam Deck. Joel's thick eyebrows and unrendered hair strongly suggest the port isn't Steam Deck verified on day one. Something that was heavily implied but never confirmed.

Joel in The Last of Us Part 1 looking at Tess who is T-posing inside a mailbox

Steam Deck Joel is one of many bugs players have been sharing on social media. Another makes all of the characters in The Last Of Us' cutscenes soaking wet, even if they're indoors and haven't been out in the rain whatsoever. An amusing bug that will take you out of the moment, but at least it won't break the Game like some of the other issues.

Today's hotfix will be the first of many for the port as Naughty Dog has already confirmed it's working on a number of patches to address these week one issues. Time to continue daydreaming about a potential Part 3 and what will and won't be included in season two while we wait for the port to be fixed to the point that its review score hopefully rises above “mostly negative”.

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