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Twitch Streamer Who Ran Over A Dog Is Moving To Kick




A streaming service similar to Twitch called Kick started up last year. It's a place for those fed up with other streaming platforms, and a number of big names from the industry have already made the jump from Twitch to Kick. One of those is a streamer who shot to fame for all the wrong reasons after running over a dog live on camera.

As reported by Dexerto, sidneuke now calls Kick home. Sidenuke first went live to play The Witcher in February of this year, the same month during which they were permanently banned from Twitch for accidentally hitting a dog with their car while streaming.

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The streamer was not only filming while driving but also looking at their phone at the time of the incident, muttering to their followers about how many dogs there were running in the road. You'd think even someone who uses their phone while driving would be prompted to keep their eyes on the road at that point. Shortly after saying that, sidneuke's car clearly runs over something and a dog outside of the car starts howling.

sidneuke streamer on twitch after hitting a dog
via Twitch

Sidneuke jumped out of the car and called for help, the entire incident up until this point being live streamed to their followers. The streamer has since claimed the dog was fine and didn't suffer any fractures, although it's unclear if sidneuke is dealing with any legal ramifications beyond their Twitch ban. As for their jump over to Kick, the controversial new platform continues to demonstrate just about anyone is welcome.

Adin Ross was one of the first to make the transition, someone who received multiple bans while on Twitch but sang Kick's praises when making the switch saying “there’s no terms of service over there. You guys can say whatever you want in my chat.” The only limit we know Kick has for certain is no oral sex on stream. Heelmike found that out after giving it a go but then received just a one-day ban for the x-rated content.

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