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The Last Of Us Finale's Giraffe Is Real




The first season of HBO's The Last Of Us adaptation is over. If you're yet to watch the finale, look away now as there are spoilers ahead. Spoilers that include the unexpected zoo animal cameo, although it wouldn't have been unexpected if you played the Game. The finale's giraffe received criticism from some who labeled it poor CGI, but apparently, in some shots at least, the giraffe was real.

The moment in which Joel and Ellie meet the giraffe in The Last Of Us Game is an iconic one. So iconic that many of you were fearful it had been cut from the show, especially after the lead characters met zebras and monkeys in earlier episodes. The giraffe was not cut (thank goodness) and a behind-the-scenes shot from the chance meeting has revealed the animal in the show was the real deal.

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Shared by mbthales on Reddit, the shot shows Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey up close and personal with the giraffe. Surrounded by a few blue panels, presumably so the location in which the scene takes place in the show could be recreated around them. That might well be why the giraffe didn't look entirely real in the show. Not because it was fake, but because its surroundings were.

The giraffe is real from ThelastofusHBOseries

It's also possible not every moment of the giraffe's five minutes of fame featured the actual animal. Those lucky enough to have watched the finale weeks ago have revealed an early cut of the episode didn't include a real giraffe. The Last Of Pods and VGC's Andy Robinson have revealed the scene featured a man dressed in blue on stilts wearing a giraffe hat. If only someone was allowed to share those images.

A far less obvious cameo than the giraffe in Sunday's finale was the appearance of Laura Bailey, the voice and mocap actor for Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2. As for when that chapter of the story will be adapted, the wait for season two begins now. Its creators have revealed parts of season two will be radically different when compared to the Game, but have also confirmed Bella Ramsey will continue to play Ellie despite the time jump.

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