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The Last Of Us' Creator Has Ideas For Revealing Ellie's Dad




HBO's The Last Of Us finale introduced Ellie's mom, something the Games never did outside of a letter you can read. However, neither the show nor the Games have so much as mentioned who her dad is. That doesn't mean that part of the universe's story hasn't previously been written though as Neil Druckmann revealed the Anna flashback was the end of a story that reveals who her father is.

“There was some stuff written for the mom and dad when we were talking to this other Game studio to potentially do a whole Anna Game,” Druckmann told Variety. That's right, the scenes showing Anna and Ellie's birth weren't written for the sake of the show. That sequence has been in Druckmann's head for a while and was going to be a separate Game developed away from Naughty Dog.


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Druckmann convinced himself that part of the story, at least in the way he had written it, wasn't worth telling. Craig Mazin, the Chernobyl writer who helped Druckmann adapt The Last Of Us for TV, thought differently, hence it being added to the show. It's the realization that showing Ellie's birth in this way wasn't such a bad idea after all that has made Druckmann reluctant to tell us anything about his plans for Ellie's dad.

Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams in The Last Of Us Series

“I’m reluctant to say anything about it, because as I’ve now found out several times, stories that I think are failures and will never see the light of day, sometimes see the light of day.” That may well mean one day, whether it's via the third Game or season two of the show, Ellie's real dad may well be revealed. It's even possible he's still alive out there somewhere and may well track Ellie down, or vice versa.

Speaking of a third Game, Druckmann revealed this week that Naughty Dog has decided what its next project is going to be and work has begun. However, he would neither confirm nor deny whether that project is The Last Of Us Part 3. Even if there isn't going to be a third chapter, we still have a multiplayer spinoff to look forward to that will hopefully be revealed later this year.

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