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Star Wars Fans Spot Fallen Order's Ninth Sister In Jedi: Survivor Trailer




Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans think that they've spotted Jedi: Fallen Order's Ninth Sister in a very brief shot of the Jedi: Survivor story trailer where Cal appears to be on Coruscant.

Earlier this week, EA shared the story trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, giving us a brief look into what Cal Kestis' second journey is going to be about. Beyond confirming that Greez and Merrin are going to be in the sequel and that the main villain appears to be a Jedi from the High Republic era, the trailer also seems to have accidentally confirmed that a villain from the last Game will be making her return - the Ninth Sister.

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As spotted by Redditor thisislawliet and shared on the Jedi Fallen Order subreddit, a character who looks almost identical to the Ninth Sister can very briefly be spotted in the story trailer. Right at the beginning of the trailer when Cal is shown crouching behind cover before going up against an AT-ST, the Ninth Sister lookalike can be just about be seen in the upper left corner with her lightsaber drawn.


It seems that the Ninth Sister was accidentally left in the trailer, as she can only be spotted in a few blurry frames. Although it's possible that it's another Dowutin Inquisitor, it makes sense that she'd return for the sequel as we never actually saw her death confirmed in Jedi: Fallen Order. You know what they say - if you don't see the body, they're probably not dead.

For those who don't remember the Ninth Sister, she's an Inquisitor that Cal faced off against in Jedi: Fallen Order, intially meeting her right at the start of the Game on Bracca. Cal then meets her again later in the Game on Kashyyyk and goes up against her in a duel, ultimately cutting off her hand (classic Star Wars) and causing her to seemingly fall to her death. It seems that the rumours of her demise were greatly exaggerated, however.

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