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Sonic Frontiers' Sights, Sounds, And Speed DLC Launches This Week




Sonic Frontiers began a new chapter for the blue blur when it launched last year as Sega confirmed the new title is the first in the series' third generation of Games. Frontiers won't begin and end with its launch, though. Sega promised a lot of free DLC coming in 2023 and has now confirmed the first of at least three updates will be available later this week, on March 23.

Sega sent an email to Frontiers players letting them know when the Game's first wave of DLC will be here and also revealed what it will be called (thanks, VGC). The Sights, Sounds, and Speed update. Although the email doesn't clarify what will be included in the update, details revealed via Frontiers' roadmap previously explained what to expect when it's rolled out on Thursday.


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The roadmap confirmed the first part of the DLC will include a photo mode, jukebox, and new challenge modes. So photo mode for the sights, jukebox for the sounds, and the new challenges will presumably be connected to how quickly you can complete new tasks. If you already own Frontiers, the DLC, and the two updates coming later this year, are absolutely free and should be applied automatically when it goes live on March 23.

Update number two, which doesn't yet have a release date, will seemingly celebrate Sonic's birthday and introduce a new Open Zone Challenge mode and additional Kocos. The very first Sonic Game launched on June 23, 1991, so it's probably safe to assume update number two will launch on or around that date since it's promised to include some sort of birthday celebration for the hedgehog.

Update number three, which may or may not be the last, will make other characters playable and, most exciting of all, add new story content to the Game. Sega has admitted while sales of Frontiers were better than expected, its review scores were lower than the studio hoped. The higher sales have ensured the next Game in the Sonic series will get a higher budget than Frotniers, though.

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