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Remedy's Max Payne 1 + 2 Remake Is Still In The Concept Stage




Max Payne fans still have a couple of years to wait for the previously announced Max Payne 1 + 2 Remake, the devs have officially revealed. According to Remedy, the project is still very early in development, as most of the studio's resources have been consumed by the upcoming Alan Wake 2.

In a financial 2022 annual report, the Finnish Game developer clarified that, as of now, the Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake is still in a concept phase, with only a small team at Remedy having been dedicated to its Gameplay concepts throughout the previous year. With that in mind, fans better be ready to wait for quite some time before they can experience the updated versions of the original Game and its sequel, The Fall of Max Payne.

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Announced a year ago, both remakes are expected to launch as a single package across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. The project is funded by Rockstar Games and will be powered by Remedy's Northlight engine technologies. Max Payne isn't the only project at the studio that is still in the concept phase for now, though. Control 2 and two other Games in development, the Control cooperative spin-off Codename Condor and free-to-play multiplayer shooter Codename Vanguard, are all in the proof-of-concept stages as well, and won't be released this year.

Control, Control 2, Alan Wake 2, Max Payne Remake
via Remedy Entertainment

What players can expect in 2023, however, is Remedy's biggest title to date, Alan Wake 2. In the report, the studio confirmed that the sequel "will be ready for its highly-anticipated launch in 2023," as the Game "was coming together on all fronts" during 2022. We are yet to see Alan Wake's debut Gameplay, but it seems fans won't be waiting too long for this reveal. Back in February, CEO Tero Virtala said the Game is already fully playable, and the team is moving "onto polishing the experience."

As for the previous Remedy titles, the studio unveiled that, unlike Alan Wake Remastered, Control was a big success for the company, with over three million copies sold across all platforms since its launch back in 2019.

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