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Pokemon Go May Soon Limit How Many Remote Raids Trainers Can Do Per Day




Pokemon Go was created to get people out catching Pokemon and meeting other trainers. The pandemic changed that and Niantic had to change the way Pokemon Go could be played. Despite the popularity of those changes, the studio appears to be preparing to drastically alter one by limiting the number of remote raids players can participate in each day.

The hint that trainers might have their remote raid opportunities limited was spotted by Serebii's Joe Merrick. Merrick noticed the remote raid pass description had been altered. An additional sentence informing trainers how many remote raids they can comPete in that day accompanied by a zero.

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Its prompt removal thankfully confirms the limitation hasn't been quietly added by Niantic. Its brief and seemingly accidental appearance suggests the new limit will be introduced soon, though. That a feature that has become incredibly popular with trainers will have a limit placed on it.

A potential remote raid limitation has sparked a debate in the replies. Some players have argued the whole point of Pokemon Go was to get people out and meeting other like-minded trainers, so now we can freely leave our homes again, the Game should return to that original ideal. However, others have questioned why the Game can't incorporate players who want to go out and those who would prefer to raid remotely, as it has done for the last couple of years.

Niantic first announced plans to start rolling back the changes it made to Pokemon Go during the pandemic during the summer of 2021. After a lot of backlash, some of the new features, like remote raids, remained in place. Whether you like playing the Game outside or not, you'll likely need to leave the house if you want to catch a Shiny Jirachi. The new masterwork research requires you catch 1,155 Pokemon, and that's just the first stage.

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