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Mighty Doom Turns Classic FPS Into An Adorable Top-Down Shooter March 21




A lot of you are probably not going to be too happy about a mobile Doom spinoff, what with their habit of turning beloved franchises into ad-spewing microtransaction machines. But we’re going to give Mighty Doom a chance because Bethesda has been relatively good with its mobile Games and a toy version of the Doomslayer is awfully cute.

Mighty Doom comes courtesy of Alpha Dog Games, a Nova Scotia-based developer that joined Bethesda in 2019 and has been working on the mobile Doom game ever since (in fact, we got a sneak peek back in 2021 with some early testers breaking their NDAs). The game itself promises to be as action-packed as Doom Eternal, but slimmed down and simplified for mobile. It's got a top-down camera, one-touch controls, and one path for your little toy Doomguy to travel. Along the way, you'll blast cartoonish Imps, Pinkies, Cacodemons, Revenants, Lost Souls, and various other flavors of Doom demons into itty bitty gory bits. It’s cute but gruesome.

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You might be wondering why everything looks so cute and cuddly instead of jagged and pointy. That's because the Doomguy is actually a toy figurine brought to life by demonic magic. The "Mini Slayer," as he's called, is basically a Funko-pop that's out for blood. He's trying to rescue Mini Daisy, his Pet rabbit, and a delightful callback to Episode 3 of the original Doom Game.

Mini Slayer has the usual implements of demon destruction available to him, including shotguns, plasma rifles, rocket launchers, and of course, the iconic BFG. It looks like there will be a loot system based on rarity and random drops, as well as the ability to fuse items together (probably to create totally new and potentially rewarding weapons and armor). Judging by the pre-registration incentives there are going to be several different forms of currency, with one of them being undoubtedly used as a substitute for real-world currency.

The specifics of the in-Game economy haven't yet been revealed, but it's a mobile Game, so set your expectations accordingly.

Mighty Doom arrives on March 21 on Google Play and the App Store. Re-registration is available now until March 19, with everyone who pre-registers getting some cool skins and some in-Game resources. Slayers Club members will also get a Mini Slayer skin when the Game releases.

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