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Escape From Tarkov Update Fixes Invisible Players




Update just hit Escape from Tarkov with a number of bug fixes, including one that turns players invisible. The bug was similar to one that's come up in Warzone a number of times, but hopefully developer BattleState Games is able to keep this bug from coming back.

There's a laundry list of other bug fixes in today's patch, but before we get to them, let's hit the biggest new feature to come to Escape from Tarkov. Player groups have been reworked with a new system that lets you group up from the main menu. Now, only the group leader needs to set up the raid with Game mode, location, and time of day, while the rest of the group can prepare while using their stash or hideout.

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Co-op practice mode will allow up to 20 people to join a single group, depending on the map, but it will only let five of them stay after the raid. And the last new feature is a change in the quest reward skill calculation so "players will always receive skill levels in the amount specified in the quest."

Besides the invisibile player bug, Battlestate has a number of smaller fixes that will improve overall Gameplay. The bug that caused your hands to freeze while using medicine and other consumable items has been fixed, as has the AI for Zryachiy and his guards that let players get up close without being attacked. Some visual fixes for the Glock and icons for weapon attachments and ammo have been implemented, and bots will now shoot back at players if they're shooting through narrow openings and are hard to see. For the full patch notes, head to Battlestate Games’ site.

Recently, Escape from Tarkov players have banded together to form a volunteer group of cheat finders. Battlestate has long complained of false reports as players can often confuse desync or lag issues with cheating. The new volunteer corp, led by streamer Trey24K, combs through initial reports to pluck out the actual cheaters to send to Battlestate for verification. The system has been described as a "huge success so far," and has significantly reduced the workload for Battlestate's cheat verification system.

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