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Baldur's Gate 3 Is Coming To PS5, But An Xbox Release Hasn't Been Ruled Out Yet




After years in early access, Baldur's Gate 3 got another flashy trailer last night, revealing a JK Simmons-voiced villain, and most excitingly, a console port. However, Xbox fans were left disappointed, as the State of Play reveal only confirmed a PS5 release, seemingly skipping the Series X/S.

But now, hours after the State of Play, we can see that neither Sony nor developer Larian describes the Game as a PS5 console exclusive. In fact, it's only being described as "exclusively next-generation", leaving the door open for an Xbox reveal closer to launch.

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No mention of PS5 exclusivity for Baldur's Gate 3 was made in the State of Play last night, despite that being a feature Sony would likely want to boast about if it had managed to secure such a deal. We can also see that there's no mention of this on a follow-up blog post on the PlayStation website, only stating that it is also releasing on PS5, as well as PC.

From a Business perspective, getting Larian to delay an Xbox reveal makes a lot of sense. It gives Sony a headstart on console preorders, with fans who have both platforms left with one option if they want to purchase the Game early. Incredibly dedicated fans might even see this as a sign that they need to bag a PS5 before launch, if they fear that it won't make its way to other systems.

Understandably, many in the replies to any tweet about the Game are asking if it will be making its way to other consoles. Larian and Sony are yet to comment on this, further fueling speculation that it isn't actually a PS5 exclusive after all. It's possible it will be a timed exclusive, of course, as we have seen increasing in this console generation.

In the meantime, eagle-eyed fans will be keeping an eye on socials. At the time of writing, no promotional material has made reference to Baldur's Gate being a PS5 console exclusive, opening the door for it to launch on Xbox too. Alas, considering that it's skipping PS4, we can probably rule out a Switch release.

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