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WWE 2K23 Has A Terrifying John Cena Action Figure Skin




WWE 2K23 has some interesting unlockable skins for its cover star, John Cena, including one that makes him invisible and another that turns him into a terrifying lifesize action figure.

As you'd expect considering he's on the cover, WWE 2K23 is all about John Cena. Ignoring the fact that the Showcase mode this year makes you relive all of Cena's biggest failures, 2K23 still feels like one big love letter to everyone's favourite wrestler-turned-actor. This includes leaning into the memes for some truly weird unlockable skins.

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Chief among these weird skins is one that turns John Cena into a Mattel action figure, and it's one that has set the WWE community on fire over the past few days. Clips and screenshots of the skin have been circulating around the WWEGames subreddit since the Game's launch and everyone seems to love his creepy, unblinking plastic mug.


There is one significant downside to the action figure skin currently, though. When the figure was first shown off, no one was entirely sure how to actually unlock him in-Game, but it seems that it's exclusive to MyFaction, a collectible card mode that isn't exactly the most popular mode for most WWE players.

As of the time of writing, WWE players haven't found a way to get the action figure skin outside of MyFaction, but they're hoping that there's a way to rip it from the mode and upload it to community creations. Personally, I'd be happy to never see that terrifying plastic face again, but to each their own.

The action figure skin isn't the only meme-y John Cena unlockable in the Game, thankfully. There's also the "Super Cena" skin that makes John Cena's body invisible and just shows a pile of clothes walking around, as a reference to the long-running "You can't see me" joke. This skin isn't a joke, however, as he's rated 100 and is the strongest character in the whole Game and can only be unlocked by beating him as the final match of this year's Showcase mode.

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